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This is an artist's view of one of the student-invented adhesive applicators applying adhesive to a rock surface on the ocean floor. Click on the still frame above to see an animated movie of the "Sponge" applicator in action. File size = 2 MB.

Click on the still frame to see an animated movie of the "Baggie" applicator. The submersible Alvin is shown on the right side of the image with the grappling arm holding the adhesive applicator. File size = 2MB.


Marine Adhesives Curriculum Development

This cd is a how-to guide for teachers setting up a student engineering project. This particular project is on marine adhesives; it can be modified for other topics. For teachers following this project in marine adhesives, you will find a complete set of laboratory handouts and tutorials and assignments here. Also included is information about materials and supplies.

The project is designed for 3 teams of students: a college team, a community college team, and a vocational high school team. The materials can be modified for a different mix of participants. There is a research institution partner. In our case, it is the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The student teams are asked to solve a real engineering problem, to learn about the technology and science involved, and to invent a tool, prototype it and test it.

Students designed an underwater adhesives applicator and paint marker for use by the submersible, Alvin, which is equipped with robotic arms. After testing a variety of adhesives, they chose a two-part epoxy which can be mixed and applied underwater under cold conditions and high hydrostatic pressures. During a geophysics mission, the submarine pilot will paint orientation symbols with pigmented adhesive on the rocks collected and brought to the surface.

Curriculum development by Enid Sichel and Maurice Tivey with support from the National Science Foundation, grant DUE-0101632 in the ATE program.

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