Curriculum Developers
This is an artist's view of one of the student-invented adhesive applicators applying adhesive to a rock surface on the ocean floor. Click on the still frame above to see an animated movie of the "Sponge" applicator in action. File size = 2 MB.

Click on the still frame to see an animated movie of the "Baggie" applicator. The submersible Alvin is shown on the right side of the image with the grappling arm holding the adhesive applicator. File size = 2MB.


Student participants in Marine Adhesives class, fall 2001

  • Dr. Sichel's students at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy:
    • Thomas Foley
    • Richard Holcroft
    • Tim Maguire
    • Brian McCormick
    • Timothy McQueen
    • Edward O'Brien
    • Jonah Pike
    • Erik Sunde
  • Prof. Anthony Ucci's students in engineering class ETK59 at Bristol Community College:
    • James Barbaria
    • Inigo Loyola
    • Paulo Medeiros
    • Taylor Michaud
    • Brian St. Rock
    • Channy Sypaseut
    • Paul Ventura
    • Steven Wheeler
  • Student volunteers from the classes of Kathleen Dunckel and Charles Pires at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School:
    • Ann Bodio
    • Christopher Francis
    • Ashley Lafleur
    • David Landolfi
    • Mark Mancini
    • Christopher Marconi
    • Mike McGonagle
    • Ryan Murphy
    • Sean O'Brien
    • Emily Russell
    • David Smith
    • Adam Thomas
    • Matthew Turner
    • Sarah Walsh
    • Jessica West
    • Mandy Westgate
    • Chris Young
  • Dr. Tivey at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.