Make seaweed pudding!

Irish moss is a good source of carageenan, a thickening agent used in ice cream, salad dressing, toothpaste, and paints. It's also great for puddings. Try out this recipe for Irish moss pudding:


If using dried Irish moss, soak it in water for fifteen minutes. Add the moss to three cups of milk in the top of a double boiler and cook over boiling water for twenty-five minutes. Strain the milk to remove the seaweed. Add sugar, salt and vanilla. Stir the mixture and pour it into individual molds. Chill and serve plain or with berries on top.

Note: To make chocolate seaweed pudding, melt a square and a half of unsweetened chocolate, add a half cup of sugar and a third of a cup of boiling water, and stir until smooth. Add this to the above recipe after straining (excluding the one-third cup of sugar).

(Adapted from Nature With Children of All Ages, by Edith A. Sisson.)

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