Make a plankton net!


Cut off one leg of the nylons. Take the wire hanger, "un-twist" it, and make a circle with the wire. You might need to cut some of the hanger off with the wire cutters. Use the pliers to twist the two ends of the wire together to complete the circle. Pull the end of the nylon leg over the wire circle, fold it over, and sew the edge over with the needle and thread. Then cut three even pieces of string, and run them each through a tiny hole made through the nylons and over the wire. Tie the strings first around the wire, and then tie the other ends together. Finally, cut a small hole (about 1/4-1/2 inch up the nylon) in the nylon's toe. Pull it over the jar, and secure it to the jar with string.

Now you're ready to take your net into the water! Just submerge it in ocean or fresh water, and drag it along or hold it still for a couple of minutes. When you pull it up, check out the contents of the jar with your magnifying glass. What do you see?

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