Fish are the only tide pool animals with backbones. Those found along tidal creeks, estuaries and tide pools must be highly adaptable to deal with changes in oxygen, salinity and temperature of the water. The common mummichog (also known as the chub, killifish or salt water minnow) is capable in living with these highly variable conditions. The striped killifish is even able to flop its way back into the water if it is left ashore during a receding tide.

Tautogs--greyish brown and greenish fish with dark splotches and a spiny upper fin--live among many rocky shores, breakwaters, ledges and shipwrecks.

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Mummichogs are omnivorous--that is, they eat both plants and animals. But their favorite meal consists of mosquito larvae. Tautogs feed on mussels and crabs, crushing them with their strong jaws and teeth.

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