Keith von der Heydt supervises the deployment of a tower
mooring, which is part of the V-moor project.

The Instrument Systems
Development Lab



Instrument Systems Development Lab Staff:

Keith von der Heydt, Lab Head and Senior Engineer

Cal Eck, Research Engineer

Matt Gould, Engineering Assistant III

Butch Grant, Senior Engineering Assistant II

Neil McPhee, Senior Engineering Assistant I

Ken Peal, Senior Engineer

Eddie Scheer, Information Systems Associate II 




    Instrument Systems Development Lab personnel work closely with scientists from WHOI's Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, Physical Oceanography and Chemistry departments and other institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Rhode Island and Scripps Insitution of Oceanography.
    Among the current projects involving hardware and software development are:
  • In situ chemical properties sampling systems (Cal Eck).
  • Ocean bottom seismometry instrumentation (Ken Peal).
  • Autonomous acoustic data acquisition systems with terabyte data storage (Cal Eck, Neil McPhee, Keith von der Heydt).
  • Long-term oceanographic mooring data acquisition and satellite telemetry capsules (Ken Peal, Neil McPhee, Keith von der Heydt).
  • Acoustic signal processing for North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory (Eddie Scheer).
  • High frequency coastal tomography techniques and instrumentation (Keith von der Heydt, Eddie Scheer, Neil McPhee).
  • DGPS tracked small acoustic receiver buoys (Cal Eck, Neil McPhee, Keith von der Heydt).
  • Radio telemetry techniques for use with buoy systems (Keith 

  • von der Heydt, Cal Eck, Neil McPhee).
  • Optimal use of ARGOS for data telemetry from Arctic buoys (Keith von der Heydt).
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