Hawaii-2 Observatory

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In September 1998, a permanent deep ocean scientific research facility - the Hawaii-2 Observatory, or H2O - was installed on a retired AT&T submarine telephone cable that runs between Oahu, Hawaii and the California coast. The facility consists of a sea floor junction box and scientific sensors located in 5000m of water near 28N latitude, 142W longitude, or about halfway between Hawaii and California The junction box derives 400 watts of power from the cable to power both itself and user scientific instruments, and provides two-way  communication through 8 digital ports with wet-mateable connectors. Instruments may be connected to the junction box using a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV).  Initial instrumentation at the H2O site includes a broadband three-component seismometer, a short period geophone, a standard hydrophone, and a pressure sensor. H2O is also the first seafloor station in the Global Seismographic Network. The  H2O system is connected to the Internet via the cable terminus on Oahu and the University of Hawaii. Marine scientists have a new opportunity to deploy and operate remote instrumentation in the middle of the ocean. 

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