Watkins Memorial Marine Mammal Bioacoustics Symposium

Date: March 27-29, 2015
Location: New Bedford Whaling Museum

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One of the founding fathers of marine mammal bioacoustics, William Watkins, carried out pioneering work in marine mammal bioacoustics for more than four decades, laying the groundwork for the present day field. Ten years after his passing, this field has become increasingly important for both basic and applied research on marine mammals, and thus the time is right to hold a symposium that focuses on the role of marine mammal bioacoustics in various aspects of marine mammal biology and conservation.  The symposium will be held at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the future home for the William A. Watkins Collection of Marine Mammal Sound Recordings and Data.

This symposium will be divided into topical sessions, each beginning with an invited talk by an expert in the field who worked with Watkins, all of whom are testaments to his continued legacy. Session topics include Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals, Methods in Marine Mammal Bioacoustics Research, Communication, Current Bioacoustics Research at WHOI, and Bioacoustics as a Tool for Conservation. There will also be a special Saturday evening session on Watkins' legacy to marine mammal bioacoustics (click here for tickets).

Symposium Program:

  • Friday, March 27 - morning and afternoon sessions,  late  afternoon/evening poster session
  • Saturday, March 28 - morning and afternoon sessions, special evening session on Watkins' legacy 
  • Sunday, March 29 - morning, lunch, departure

Invited speakers include Kurt Fristrup, Robert Gisiner, Vincent Janik, Michael Moore, Douglas Nowacek, G. Carleton Ray, Andrew Read, Peter Tyack, and Douglas Wartzok, Mark Baumgartner, Arthur Newhall, Yin-Tsong Lin, Aran Mooney, Frants Jensen.

A limited number of spaces are available for vendors interested in exhibiting at the symposium, email lsayigh@whoi.edu for information.


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