WHOI Graphic Standards

1 Introduction

Competition for funding is escalating. In these challenging times for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution investigators, supporting the institution’s reputation becomes increasingly important. A small but significant component of supporting WHOI’s reputation is an accurate and consistent use of graphic symbols that stand for WHOI and its scientific excellence.

These symbols include the institution logo and word mark, the use of “WHOI blue,” and the design of material such as letterhead, business cards, fax forms, address labels, etc. These elements may seem inconsequential and mundane, but they represent who we are to the world at large. They provide a fast and easy cue of an official communication from their parent organization.


2 The Toolkit
The consistent and correct use of these graphic elements helps build a strong impression of WHOI. The intent of this toolkit is not to provide inhibiting constraints, but to provide a means for everyone at WHOI, and key partners, to help build a strong and consistent impression of the Institution. The toolkit provides an easy-to-use reference for our graphic identity in both internal and external applications. Examples showing correct and incorrect uses of the graphic identity are included.


3 The WHOI Graphic Identity

3.1 The Institution Logo

The logo is the main component of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s graphic identity. The logo comprises a silhouette of the Institution’s first sailing ship, Atlantis, surrounded by the name of the organization, with the date of its founding, 1930, shown horizontally.

The logo is used on most Institution stationery including letterhead, business cards, envelopes, fax coversheets, and memoranda.

Hints on logo usage:

  • To maximize its legibility and impact, the logo should be no smaller than .75 inches wide.
  • Do not modify the logo or overprint any material on the logo. Its strength as a symbol depends in part on its standing alone, unaltered.


3.2 The Institution Word Mark
The wordmark is a unique typographic element displaying the full name of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The size of this wordmark should be no smaller than 2.5" in width.


three lines with logo

3.3 Use of “WHOI”
“WHOI” is an acronym, not an official word mark. Its use should be governed by the accepted style guide reference for acronyms. In practice, it is recognizable within the Institution but should not be used for external communications.


3.4 Minimum clear area
For a logo or word mark to have good visual impact, it needs a little “breathing room.” Maintain a minimum clear area on all sides of the logo or wordmark.


3.5 Colors for the WHOI logo & word mark
Whether in print or online the preferred color(s) for the logo and wordmark can be downloaded from the Graphics' website. Please do not change the color of the logo. Please contact Graphic Services for more information.

The logo and wordmark can also be represented in black or white depending on background color.

The logo should contrast boldly with its background.


3.6 Use of the WHOI logo with other logos
When used with other logos the WHOI logo should be the same size or larger.


3.7 Other Institution logos
There are circumstances under which a special logo or an adaptation of the official logo may be permitted. These logos should be approved by the President and Director's Office before use.


3.8 PowerPoint
We have created a WHOI template for PowerPoint presentation for your use.

The logo should be represented with a clear background, not within a box. To acheive a transparent background in PowerPoint, click on the logo. This will prompt the picture toolbox to come up. Then, with your transparent tool, click on the area in the logo that you wish to be transparent. The icon (two are shown, depending on which version of PowerPoint you have) that is circled below is the one you need.

transparent tool       or         transparent tool


3.9 Posters
We recommend WHOI logos be placed in the upper left corner of posters.

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