2D & 3D Illustration

Our illustrators can create an original conceptual drawing from a discussion or sketch and prepare it for publication, PowerPoint, or the web. They work in two dimensions or three on the computer or the walls of the WHOI Exhibit Center.

Conceptual Drawing
There are many examples of when a conceptual drawing is necessary. One of our most frequently used illustrations shows the array of instrumentation on the seafloor at the Martha's Vineyard Observatory. There is no way to photograph the extensive system underwater. Other examples include the proposed new human-occupied vehicle to replace Alvin, the many conceptual iterations of our new HROV, and several scenarios for future ocean observatories using remotely operated vehicles. These illustrations have been packaged for all communications mediums, including PowerPoint and television.

Technical illustrations
Publishing findings is a big part of a scientist's life. Many science publications now require print-ready illustrations to be submitted with a manuscript. Our professional illustrators have helped hundreds of scientists explain their science through high-quality illustrations that sometimes began as "scribbles on a napkin."



  • Natalie Renier
    Natalie Renier

    2D/3D Illustration

    Natalie combined her passion for science and art to help researchers visualize their science.

    Contact: nrenier@whoi.edu

  • Tim Silva
    Tim Silva

    Multimedia editor

    Tim works in video editing, motion graphics, and animation to provide a variety of new media products for his clients.

    Contact: tsilva@whoi.edu

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Campus address: Bell House, Quissett Campus