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NOTE: If a department's staff and labs are divided between the Institution's
two campuses, the majority location is given first.

Applied Ocean Physics and EngineeringVillage Facilities and Quissett Campus
BiologyVillage Facilities and Quissett Campus
Computer and Information ServicesQuissett Campus
Controller's OfficeVillage Facilities
Data Library and ArchivesQuissett Campus
Development OfficeQuissett Campus
Directorate officesQuissett Campus and Village Facilities
Document LibraryQuissett Campus
Education OfficeQuissett Campus
Exhibit CenterVillage Facilities
Facilities and ServicesVillage Facilities and Quissett Campus
Geology and GeophysicsQuissett Campus and Village Facilities
Grant and Contract ServicesQuissett Campus
Human Resources OfficeVillage Facilities
Information OfficeVillage Facilities
Marine Chemistry and GeochemistryQuissett Campus
Marine OperationsVillage Facilities
Marine Policy CenterVillage Facilities
MBL/WHOI Joint LibraryVillage Facilities
News OfficeVillage Facilities
Physical OceanographyQuissett Campus and Village Facilities
Procurement OfficeVillage Facilities
Property OfficeQuissett Campus
Publications and Graphic ServicesVillage Facilities and Quissett Campus
Rinehart Coastal Research CenterQuissett Campus
Travel OfficeVillage Facilities
WHOI Sea Grant ProgramQuissett Campus

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Prepared by the WHOI Information Office, April 1997.