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Cruise Planning Synopsis

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R/V Oceanus

Cruise Party

Christopher Baxter: Principal Investigator
URI - Department of Ocean/Civil and Environmental Engineering Narragansett, , RI 02882
+1 401 874 6575

Jason Chaytor: Chief Scientist
USGS Woods Hole Science Center 384 Woods Hole Road Woods Hole , Ma 02543-1598
+1 508 457 2351

Departure: Jun 15, 2010

Woods Hole - DEPARTURE TBD (6/3/10)

Arrival: Jun 21, 2010

Woods Hole

Operations Area

off shore of Rhode Island
Depth Range: 500 / 2500
Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? NO
Are visas or special travel documents required? no

Science Objectives

Propose to conduct a 7-day cruise to obtain gravity cores at two locations off
the coast of Rhode Island where we have identified submarine landslides
with a possible link to seismically induced tsunamis.

Science Activities

Jumbo piston coring and box coring.

Additional Info

Pre-cruise Planning Meeting: Visit WHOI
Meeting Notes: Chris Baxter's cruise just added to schedule on 6/2/10.


  Rhode Island
  Distance: null
  Days: null
  Latitude: 39° 45.0’ N
  Longitude: 70° 56.0’ W

Supporting documentation:

Notes: Cutting deck bolt holes and welding plates to track will begin on Friday June 11
Full Mob will begin on Sunday June 13 and June 14


Funding Agency: USGS
Grant or contract number: 48002103

Scientific Instrumentation for R/V Oceanus

Other Science Vans:

Shipboard Equipment

Bathymetry System 3.5 kHz
12 kHz Pinger for Wire Use

Critical CTD Sensors

Sediment Sampling

Piston corers
Box corer
Storage Notes: Recovered cores to be sectioned and stored vertically in collapseable wire baskets (3 supplied by USGS).  Location of the baskets to be determined in consultation with ship.


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no
How many nets? 0
How many tansponders? 0
Will you be using Doppler/GPS navigation? no


Trawl Winch with 9/16th trawl wire

Standard Oceanographic Cables

Slip ring required? no Number of conductors: 
Non-standard wire required? no Type: 
Traction winch required? no Describe: 
Science Van 1
Type/size: USGS lab van Location: 01 deck
Water: Power:

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: no Type: 
Nets Required: no Type: 

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? yes Details:
Jumbo Piston corer with weights, basket and tracks.   Possible welding needed on the mob.

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: no Identify: 
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: no Identify: 
Science Stowage: no Identify: 
Water: no Identify: 

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices:no Portable Air Compressors:no Flammable Gases:no Small Boat Operations:no SCUBA Diving Operations:no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized?noDescribe deployment method and quantity:

Radioactive Material


Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise?yesSpecialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other):

24 hour coring operations.  Two coring technicians are in the science party.

Other required equipment and special needs:

Checklist & Notes


U.S. Customs Form: no
Diplomatic Clearance: no
Date Submitted:
Date Approved:
Agent Information:
Eric Benway
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
38 Water St.
Woods Hole, Ma 02543

T: 508 289 3770
e: ebenway@whoi.edu
f: 508-457-2185
Isotope Use Approval: no
Isotope Notes:
SCUBA Diving: no


SSSG Tech:
This cruise was originally schd. for URI / Endeavor.  Due to the Gulf Oil Spill, the Endeavor was tasked by NSF to go down to the gulf and assist in supporting science. 
This cruise was then assigned to Oceanus. 
Jumbo Piston core and track will be welded to 5 deck plates.  WHOI Mech Shop will drill the bolt holes in the deck plates once the proper location is decided on June 11.  When the deck plates are bolted down, the piston track will be placed on top.  Then the track will be welded to the deck plates. 
After the cruise is over, the tracks and deck plates will need to be cut apart.
Work order put into shop 6/9/10 - eb.