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Cruise Planning Synopsis

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AT 15-65


R/V Atlantis

Cruise Party

Patricia Quinn: Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator
Organization Name 7600 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, WA United States 98115
+1 206 526 6892

Departure: May 14, 2010

San Diego, CA

Arrival: Jun 8, 2010

San Francisco, CA

Operations Area

Coast of California between San Diego and San Francisco up to 100 nm offshore.
Lat/Lon: 33° 46.0′ N / 118° 11.0′ W
Depth Range: 0 / max (m)
Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? n/a
Are visas or special travel documents required? no

Science Objectives

Characterization of marine and continental chemical and meteorological processes to assess and improve NOAA’s 1) forecasting of air quality for the California region and 2) simulation of the radiative forcing of climate by ozone and aerosol particles over the E. Pacific.

Science Activities

Surface seawater and atmospheric continuous sampling. No station work required.

Additional Info

Pre-cruise Planning Meeting: Teleconference


Supporting documentation:



Funding Agency: NOAA
Grant or contract number: PO TBD

Scientific Instrumentation for R/V Atlantis

Other Science Vans:

Shipboard Equipment

Science Underway Seawater System
Navigation - Heading
Fume Hood
Navigation - Position

Critical CTD Sensors

MET Sensors

Barometric Pressure
Air temperature
Relative Humidity
Wind speed and direction
Short Wave Solar Radiation

Sample Storage

Climate Controlled Walk-in
Freezer -70°C 3.2 cu. ft. ea.
Refrigerator 8.6 cu. ft.
Scientific Walk-in Freezer
Storage Notes: Science Will be using freezer for storage of filter samples during cruise


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no
How many nets? 0
How many tansponders? 0
Will you be using Ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation?no
Winch Notes: N/A

Standard Oceanographic Cables

Slip ring required? no
Non-standard wire required? no
Traction winch required? no
Science Van 1
Type/size: 13 NOAA PMEL vans will be loaded (see deck plan) Location:
Water: Power:

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: no Type: 
Nets Required: no Type: 

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? yes Details: NEW 5/10/10:  8 foot pontoon air sampling flotation craft will be deployed over the side at various times during this cruise.   (eb)

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: yes Identify O2 deck - 100 A receptacle will be installed in San Diego
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: yes Identify: Telephone jacks will be installed in 2 locations for all phones (see phone plan)
Science Stowage: no Identify: 
Water: yes Identify: Fresh water to O1 deck and main deck, UCW & Reg Seawater to the main deck

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices:no Portable Air Compressors:no Flammable Gases:no Small Boat Operations:no SCUBA Diving Operations:no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized?yesDescribe deployment method and quantity:
Chief Scientist is completing the inventory forms and will bring 3 hard copies of all chems that will be loaded on board. 
Almost every chemical will be going into their respective lab vans with minor overflow to be stored in the ships chem van on the 02 dck stbd side.

Radioactive Material


Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise?yesSpecialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other):
Tech support will be needed during the loading and set up period at BAE beginning May 5.
IMET TOWER work will be done May 5th. 

SSSG Tech support will be needed May 5, 11-13 for science set up.Other required equipment and special needs:
- Science requests to use the software "XCHAT" for communications with overflying P3 aircraft during cruise.  As discussed in pre cruise mtg 3/11, should be o.k to run but may need to override firewall. 

- Ethernet cables need to be run up to the 01 dk for ALVAN and 02 deck for PSD van and 02 deck fwd.

- Science will be bringing their own DI water system and water supply.

- Science requires 2 copies of Doppler Nav and Wx data (3/12/10 -eb)

Checklist & Notes


U.S. Customs Form: no
Diplomatic Clearance: no
Date Submitted:
Date Approved:
Agent Information:
United States (San Diego, CA)

(ebenway@whoi.edu and dwegman@whoi.edu)

FOR ALL VANS, Frame system and Tower. Please send shipments to B.A.E at the following address:

2205 East Belt
Foot of Sampson Street
San Diego, CA 92113
P.O. Box 13308
San Diego, CA 92170-3308

Attn. Randy Butler / Dutch Wegman

For All other miscellaneous boxes, envelopes etc., PLEASE SEND TO OUR AGENT via the following address:

Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name / AT15-65
c/o Paxton, Shreve & Hays Inc.
453 54th Street Suite 101
San Diego, CA   92114

Contact: Tom Jenkins
Phone: (619) 232-8941
Fax: (619) 232-3006
Telex: 6731029 SHREVE SDG
Email: marineops@pshinc.net

Note: Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications. It is requested that shipment information of any equipment be communicated to the Agent and WHOI contacts

Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Vasile Tudoran Transport
819 Ohio Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90804

Contact: Vasile Tudoran
Phone: (562) 882-5590
Fax: (562) 434-9800
Email: vtudoran@aol.com

Use above address for mail only; must be delivered five days prior to ship arrival in San Francisco.

For all packages and larger items, send directly to the address below.  Please notify Vasile Tudoran, vtudoran@aol.com, and dispatch@marineexpress.us in advance of all shipments

R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Marine Express, Inc.
2900 Main St.
Alameda, CA 94501

Contact: Troy Esch, Marine Express Operations Manager
Phone: (510) 523-8900
Fax: (510) 523-6466

Note: Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications. It is requested that shipment information of any equipment be communicated to the Agent and WHOI

Isotope Use Approval: no
Isotope Notes:
No need for Ships Rad van.  Request is to put aboard 6 - 2mCi sealed sources of 85Kr to be transoport in and only used in a locked van.

SCUBA Diving: no


SSSG Tech:
Allison Heater (f), Catie Graver (f)
Loading will take place at B.A.E. Shipyard in San Diego Ca.
NEW 3/11:  MAY 5 will drop IMET tower for Jeff Hare to set up instrumentation.
May 6 - 7: Load 02 dk fwd framing system, tower and 02 dk vans and 01 deck vans.

POWER and ETHERNET WILL BE NEEDED BY MAY 7th to 02 and 01 dk vans

May 6-11: Science may work on vans on the 02 deck.  But they should understand that the ships crew will not be able to help them during this time.  A SSSG Tech will be made available for assistance. LIMITED ACCESS.

May 11-13: complete full Mobilization and set up;  loading remaining vans, cylinders and other equipment. 

San Francisco:

Pier location: PIER 27
NEW 3/12:
Science will need 2 full days to break down equipment and get ready for off load. Request for the shore crane to be ordered for June 10th.

Atlantis will need to off load all ships vans EXCEPT CHEM VAN, prior to May 6th load date.  Those vans will be stored at west coast van pool lot, then will be trucked to San Fran in time for Mobilzation around June 11-12th. 

Also WHOI vans will need "D.O.T." inspections before being trucked.  Eric B and Chris G will work on this.

PLEASE READ "Calnex Goals and Sampling Plan" for cruise plan information and more deck plans.  This can be found in "supporting documentaion near top of synopsis".