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Cruise Planning Synopsis

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R/V Atlantis


ROV Jason

Cruise Party

Cliff Cunningham: Principal Investigator
Duke University 130 Science Drive Durham, NC US 27708
+1 919 660 7356

David Eggleston: Principal Investigator
NC State University 303 College Circle Morehead City, NC US 27695
+1 919 515 7840

Ruoying He: Principal Investigator
North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC US 27695
+1 919 513 0249

Svetlana Maslakova: Principal Investigator
University of Oregon P.O. BOX 5389 Charleston, OR US 97420
+1 541 888 2581 ext. 309

Cindy Van Dover: Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator
Duke University Marine Laboratory 135 Duke Marine Lab Rd Beaufort, NC US 28516
+1 252 504 7655

Craig Young: Principal Investigator
University of Oregon Oregon Institute of Marine Biology P.O. BOX 5389 Charleston, OR US 97420
+1 541 888 2581 ext. 299

Departure: Jun 1, 2012

Bridgetown Barbados

Arrival: Jun 17, 2012

Bridgetown Barbados

Operations Area

Barbados Accretionary Wedge
Lat/Lon: 11° 0.0′ N / 59° 22.0′ W
Depth Range: 1000 / 2200
Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? YES - Barbados
Are visas or special travel documents required? no

Science Objectives

Mooring recoveries and sampling at 3 Barbados seep sites (El Pilar, Orenoque A, Orenoque B) plus MOCNESS tows and some mapping (multibeam, CHIRP).  We may add sample sites if we are able to undertake an advance SENRY survey in the region (pending request). Our aim would be to add new sites separated by as much as 150-200 km max along a depth gradient and along an isobath.  Use of SENTRY would allow us to undertake precision sampling of known sites, 1 to 1.5 days per station at each of 6 to 8 seep stations.  This is part of the Seep Connectivity Project funded by NSF to investigate historical and contemporary linkages among Barbados, Gulf of Mexico, and Blake Ridge seep species.

Science Activities

At each site:
1) Sub-bottom profiling to locate seep areas
2) MOCNESS tows for larval sampling
3) Mooring recoveries (current meter, 2 sediment/larval traps per mooring)
4) INtensive sampling os seep fauna for genetic and reproduction studies

Additional Info

Pre-cruise Planning Meeting: Teleconference
Meeting Notes: Held Mar 8 @ 1430 est


  El Pilar
  Distance: 110
  Days: 5
  Latitude: 11° 14.0’ N
  Longitude: 59° 22.0’ W

  Orenoque A
  Distance: 60
  Days: 5
  Latitude: 10° 19.67’ N
  Longitude: 58° 53.325’ W

  Orenoque B
  Distance: 15
  Days: 5
  Latitude: 10° 19.8’ N
  Longitude: 58° 37.4’ W

Supporting documentation:

Notes: Pre Loading May 17 - 19 at WHOI. 



Funding Agency: NSF
Grant or contract number: OCE-1031050

Scientific Instrumentation for R/V Atlantis

Other Science Vans:

Shipboard Equipment

12 kHz Pinger for Wire Use
ADCP 75 kHz
Bathymetry System 12 kHz
Bathymetry System 3.5 kHz
Deionized Water System
Fume Hood
Navigation - Heading
Navigation - Position
Relay Transponder for Wire Use
Sippican XBT System (Mark 21)
Transponder Navigation - Sonardyne USBL
Science Underway Seawater System

Shipboard Communication

Basic Internet access via HiSeasNet
Is there a need to receive data from shore on a regular basis?
Is there a need to transfer data to shore on a regular basis?

CTD/Water Sampling

911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors

Critical CTD Sensors

MET Sensors

Air temperature
Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity
Short Wave Solar Radiation
Wind speed and direction

Sample Storage

Climate Controlled Walk-in
Freezer -70°C 3.2 cu. ft. ea.
Freezer -70°C 25 cu. ft.
Refrigerator 8.6 cu. ft.
Scientific Walk-in Freezer
Storage Notes: No samples being left behind.  Science will ship these home from Barbados.


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no
How many nets? null
How many tansponders? null
Will you be using Ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation?no


Navigation Notes:


CTD Winch with .322" Electro-mechanical wire
Mooring / TSE winch
Winch Notes: Shipboard winches needed for MOCNESS, CTD, and Jason

Wire use and application

CTD Winch with .322" Electro-mechanical wire
Hydro Winch with .25" hydro wire
Trawl Winch with .681 fiber optic
Winch Notes: .322 for CTD
.25" hydro for Mocness
.681 for Jason

Standard Oceanographic Cables

Slip ring required? no
Non-standard wire required? no
Traction winch required? no

Portable Vans

Chemical Storage Van
Science Van 1
Type/size: Berth Van Location:
Water: Power:

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: no Type: 
Nets Required: yes Type: MOCNESS 150 um 0.5 m^2 mouth

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? yes Details: Moorings are relatively small in size.  56 meters length total.  light telemetry.  Will use ships crane.

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: yes Identify Jason operations only
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: no Identify: 
Science Stowage: yes Identify: chems and waste in Chem Van
Water: no Identify: 

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices:no Portable Air Compressors:no Flammable Gases:no Small Boat Operations:no SCUBA Diving Operations:no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized?yesDescribe deployment method and quantity:

Radioactive Material


Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise?yesSpecialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other):
MOCNESS technician - None.  UMIAMI Set up at WHOI.
Mulitibeam technician = Laura Brothers from National Energy Technology Laboratory / USGS Woods Hole.Other required equipment and special needs:
MOCNESS on loan from UMIAMI.

Scientific Instrumentation for HOV Jason

Current Chart(s):

<Could not load the preview of ROV Jason Information data >

Site Survey

Will you provide detailed charts of the work area(s)?no
If no, willl you need R/V Atlantis to generate maps of the work area(s)?yes
Will you need post-dive maps of the work area generated?yes


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? yes
How many nets? 0
How many tansponders? 0
Will you be using Ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation?yes
Will you be using Doppler/GPS navigation? yes
What type of samples do you expect to collect?macroinvertebrates - mussels, sponges, clams, etc


Will you be using elevators to transport samples to the surface?yes
If yes, how many would you anticipate? 5

Cameras & Video

Video & Photo data

Science Supplied Equipment

Are you supplying equipment to be used on HOV Jason no
Has this equipment been used on Jason before? no
Please give a brief description of the equipment, its intended purpose, the cruise # it was last used on if any and its deployment method.
Does this equipment use an external pressure housing? no
If yes, what is the pressure rating?
and test pressure?
Has the pressure housing been tested per Alvin Pressure Test requirements? no
Pressure housing schematic with dimensions and include air and water weights.
Does the equipment have an associated computer or control panel for remote operation from the personnel sphere? no
Air weight of this equipment?
Water weight of this equipment?

Checklist & Notes


U.S. Customs Form: yes
Diplomatic Clearance: yes
Date Submitted: Feb 22, 2012
Date Approved: Apr 6, 2012
Agent Information:
Attn: Scientist's Name - AT21-02
c/o DaCosta Distribution Inc.
Shipping Division
Brandons Complex
St. Michael
Phone: (246) 430-4809; (246) 430-4825

Contact:  Glyne St. Hill, Manager
Email: gsthill@dmishipping.com
Phone:(246) 430-4804
Fax: (246) 431-0051

David Priddee, Operations Manager
Email Address: dpriddee@dmishipping.com
Tel. no. (246) 430-4819
Cell no. (246) 231-5348

Contact:  Arlin Kellman, Assistant Operations Manager
Email Address: akellman@dmishipping.com
Tel. No. (246) 430-4825
Cell no. (246) 230-4353

Primary Contact:  Anthony Oliver, Operations Coordinator*
Email Address: logistics@dmishipping.com
Tel. no. (246) 430-4881
Cell no. (246) 231-5382
Fax: (246) 431-0878

*Note: All requests and correspondence should be sent to Anthony Oliver at the email address above with copies to David Priddee and Arlin Kellman.

Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications.  Please send shiping information for all equipment to the Agent and to all WHOI contacts
6/2/12 - eb:
Trinidad and Tobago research clearance was required for this cruise and was not applied for nor recieved in time.   Plans to recover the 3 moorings will move to the following cruise AT21-03 / Debbie Smith cruise out of Barbados June 21 - July 9.


May 30 2012 discovered 2 stations fall inside Trinidad and Tobago EEZ (El Pilar and Orenque A)and 1 station inside Venezuelan EEZ (OrenqueB).
Any lab equipment, microscopes etc., loading in Woods Hole, May 17 - 19 MUST have a completed Custom form US 4455 filled out and turned into Eric Benway no later than end of business May17.
Isotope Use Approval: no
Isotope Notes:
SCUBA Diving: no


SSSG Tech:
Allison Heater, Catie Graver
Pre Load:
science equipmet Woods Hole, Ma. May 17 - 19.
Jason Load May 18.

MOB in Barbados:
May 28 - May 31.   Please come to ship to beging setting up equipment. 
Science can move aboard May 30th.

Post cruise - Jason off load June 18 or 19.
Science off load all samples and equipment - June 18 ,19.
AUG 2012.   2 subsuface moorings were mistakenly deployed in 2011 inside Trinidad and Tobago's EEZ.  We were not able to get approval for recovery.   Will try in 2013 if possilble.

8 - 11 science personnel will change out on JUNE 8.   Agents got approval that Atlantis can stand off the harbor and have a shore based launch boat come out with on-signers and pick up off signers.
This will have to take place at ~ 0500 hrs local time.