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Short History and Summaries of Past ONR/MTS Buoy Workshops

Originally organized by Henri Berteaux and Robert Walden of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the 1960’s, the Buoy Workshops have covered the technology of oceanographic, weather and other buoy systems. The Workshops have been held randomly in six to eight year intervals.

Based on a suggestion by Dr. Tom Swean, Program Manager at the Office of Naval Research [ONR], and with the support of both ONR and the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and its Buoy Technology Committee, the ONR/MTS Buoy Workshops have been organized and supported every two years since 1996. Over the years, the workshops have helped foster communication and exchange between designers, assemblers, operators, and users of buoy systems.

Both the first (1996) and second Buoy Workshops (1998), were held immediately following the MTS Undersea Cable & Connector Workshops (UC&C), and received great support from Mr. Al Berian, the long-term organizer of the UC&C annual meetings. Since 2000, the Buoy Workshop programs have included visits to facilities where active buoy work is being performed. Participation ranged between 80 and 120 attendees, including a number of foreign participants and speakers. Up to 30 presentations were made at each workshop, leading to lively and open exchanges between the participants in this highly specialized technology.

With the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative [OOI] now well underway, oceanographic buoy systems have become more visible. For more information on this program, go to http://www.orionprogram.org/OOI/default.html.

The next Buoy Workshop will be held from March 3 to March 6, 2014 at the Town and Country Convention and Resort Center in San Diego, California. Immediately following the workshop - after a 16-year pause – a one and one-half day MTS Undersea Cable & Connector Workshop will be held.

Summaries of past ONR/MTS Buoy Workshops since 1996 are found in the links below.

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Photo credit: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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