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For two generations, the human-occupied submersible Alvin has helped scientists expand human knowledge of the ocean and inspired countless to learn more about the ocean. This year, Alvin turns 50, and we want you to help us celebrate all summer long.   Upcoming events »

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  • Senator Ed Markey
  • Museum of Science
  • NY Hall of Sci.
  • J.M. Cousteau
  • La Cite de la Mer
  • Morse Pond
  • Dudley Foster
  • ANMM
  • MOBIO Lab
  • Dana Yoerger
  • Peter Girguis
  • Stace Beaulieu
  • Clarke Mid. School
  • An old friend
  • Susan Humphris
  • Tom Ryder
  • Brothers Rye
  • Susan Avery, WHOI
  • Dan Fornari, WHOI
  • Chris German, WHOI
  • Maurice Tivey, WHOI
  • YouTube
    Coatesville, PA
  • Shinkai 6500 Team
  • Andy Eliason
  • Star City, Russia
  • Sant Ocean Hall
  • Reid Wiseman, ISS
  • Keefe Tech
  • AT26-14

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  • NDSC


Jim Toomey
Dave Granlund

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Special events and activities will help you celebrate Alvin’s golden anniversary and learn more about deep-ocean exploration.


Meet Alvin

Alvin is the nation's only human-occupied deep-sea research submersible. It is owned by the U.S. Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the national oceanographic community and was commissioned in 1964. Since then, Alvin has made more than 4,900 dives and has enabled dozens of new discoveries and countless insights into the way the ocean and our planet work.

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The excitement of seeing a small portion of the Earth never seen before, or possibly ever again, keeps me looking forward to my next day at the bottom of the sea.

— Dudley Foster, Alvin Pilot (1974-2006)