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Welcome to the WHSTEP registry of science outreach volunteers.

Provide one-on-one mentoring to a student
DescriptionNameContact Info
science topics - cephalopod (cuttlefish, octopus,... Liese Siemannlsiemann@comcast.net
marine geology and geophysics; earthquakes;... Jian Linjlin@whoi.edu
Microbiology Education and Outreach. I develop... Sarah Rolandsroland@mbl.edu
marine biology, population dynamics, stock... Chris LegaultChris.Legault@noaa.gov
I use satellite data, numerical models, and... David Gloverdglover@whoi.edu
Entomology- especially ants Adam Lazarusalazarus@mbl.edu
Yes. 1. Science as trial-and-error with common... Oliver Zafiriouozafiriou@whoi.edu
Physical oceanography--ocean currents like the... Philip Richardsonprichardson@whoi.edu
Jr. high or High School students interested in... Sonya Dyhrmansdyhrman@whoi.edu
I'm a chemical ecologist. I study the chemistry... Christie Haupertchaupert@mbl.edu
I study hormone action in corals and fishes. I... Ann Tarrantatarrant@whoi.edu
Marine Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Elizabeth Kujawinskiekujawinski@whoi.edu
Geology, Water Chemistry, Ecology Any grade... Sarah Kelseyskelsey@usgs.gov
Atlantic white cedar bog: samples, but not... Aimlee Ladermanaladerman@mbl.edu
I am marine microbiologists and I could meet with... Stefan Sievertssievert@whoi.edu
I currently study nearshore processes like... Alex Apotsosaapotsos@whoi.edu
General geology and oceanography, coastal... John Brattonjbratton@usgs.gov
Pond, estuary, or coastal observations and... Pat Harcourtpharcourt@adelphia.net
Evolutionary biology and ecology; molecular... Seth Kauppinenskauppinen@mbl.edu
marine ecology, pollution, crustacean (and other... Tim Verslycketim@whoi.edu
My area of interest is forest carbon cycle. I... Kathleen Savagesavage@whrc.org
Past climate change (glacial-interglacial cycles,... Delia Oppodoppo@whoi.edu

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