Organic Mass Spectrometry Facility


Typical Fees

hese are basic prices for simple analyses; many analyses may have significantly different costs.

  • Turnaround times can range from as little as a few days (with prior scheduling), up to several weeks depending on workload and complexity of sample preparation or instrument setup required.
  • The prices presented here assume average sample suites; large compound specific suites may be eligible for a price reduction; small or unusual suites may have additional setup/teardown costs associated.
  • Fees are derived from the 2014 official rate of $90 per hour of instrument or operator time.
  • Please contact the Facility Manager with the specifics of your samples for a cost proposal and current scheduling.
Per sample drop or injection Setup
Bulk Analysis of %C(org), %N, δ13C(org) and δ15N $23.50 / Analysis  for Facility weighed and acidified samples Sediment, soil or plant tissue Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus & Fisons EA 1108
Bulk Analysis of low concentration %N, and δ15N $25 / Analysis
Sediments or soil Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus & Fisons EA 1108
Bulk Analysis of Filters for %C(org), %N, δ13C(org) and δ15N $25 / Analysis Culture experiments Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus & Fisons EA 1108
Compound Specific GCirMS for δ13C or δ15N $50 - 150 / Injection depending on complexity of sample Marine FAMES or petroleum saturates fraction Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus &
Agilent 6890 GC

Gases from tubes or headspace above sediments can also be analyzed. Prices below are based on single anlyses being performed at one time, substantial price reductions are possible if several gases are desired from one sample (ex: one sample analyzed for CO2, methane and ethane through butane is three injections, so 100 of such samples would incur the 300 injection pricing, not the 100 injection pricing - contact Facility Manager for more details).

Gasminimum of 100 injectionsminimum of 300 injectionsminimum of 500 injections
$57 /per injection $31 /per injection $22 /per injection
$57 /per injection $31 /per injection $22 /per injection
Ethane, Propane and Butane
$120 /per injection $97 /per injection $86 /per injection

Charging Protocol

WHOI Users
Monthly charges are made to PI’s accounts as work is completed

Non-WHOI Users
The Facility Manager will have a brief proposal sent to the user. The user then has their home institution provide a purchase order or credit card authorization to WHOI for the work to be done. Once the Facility Manger has completed the work, WHOI issues an invoice against the purchase order or credit card authorization.

Please note that in the case of certain non-NSF funded non-WHOI projects, an administrative surcharge of not more than 15% is collected.

Facility Accounting Constraints

The Facility must charge a standard rate to all users for standard services, and the Facility must operate with zero profit/loss. The fees collected completely support the Facility, paying for:

  • All Facility personnel salary and benefits for operation, maintenance, repairs, development and other incidental personnel expenses (meetings and seminars, Institutional and external, budgeting, reporting, etc.);
  • Space charge (laboratory physical plant costs, as required by Federal auditors);
  • Consumables and repair parts;
  • Capitalized Facility costs (e.g., UPS system);
  • All other laboratory and office costs for Facility operations and/or personnel.

To the extent practical, the charges for each analysis type or instrumental usage in the Facility reflect the actual cost of that activity.

Last updated: September 29, 2016