Setting up and managing your WHOI website with DreamWeaver

Dreamweaver Class

Site Structure

Setting up a local folder
Naming files
Index pages
Define a site

Design tips

Create a template
New page from template
Apply template to page
Update template
Update pages
Unlink from a template

More Site Structure
Add files and folders
Moving files and folders
Check links
Cleaning up HTML
Site Reports

Remote Site
Publish to server
Select newer files

This class is designed for WHOI website managers who are currently using DreamWeaver as a website development tool. The course will cover:
  • using tables for page layout, with banners and navigation bars
  • using WHOI styles, colors and logos to design web pages
  • using Dreamweaver templates and tables to create a consistent design for all the pages in a website so they are easy and efficient to update
  • using the Dreamweaver Site Tool to structure and maintain a website, check for broken links and publish documents to the WHOI server

Prerequisite: DreamWeaver 4.0 Introduction or experience using DreamWeaver to build web pages.

Contact: Julie Allen or Fay Cali