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UMass Certificate Programs

  • Certificate in UNIX
    UMass/Lowell offers this course; most of the courses required have been given in Woods Hole.
  • Internet System Administration Certificate
  • Note:You should notify UML that you are interested in the certificate before you've taken all the courses and then petition them for the certificate when you've met all the requirements.

Courses, Tutorials, and Indexes to Courses on the Web

It would be impossible to include all the educational resources now available on the WWW. This list is indended as a starting point.

Introduction to HTML Mini-course offered by CIS (WHOI only)
C Programming by Dave Marshall
C++ at Globewide Network Academy
Computer Science and GIS On-line courses at Curtin University (Perth, Australia)
UNIX and the vi Editorfrom Purdue University
The Electronic University Peterson's Guide
The Distance Education Program - Harvard University Extension School