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» MorelHeringCh6_L01
Aquatic Chemistry Chapter 6 on Complexation

» BrulandLohan_TOG_L01
From Treatise on Geochemistry Bruland and Lohan

» BioinorgChem_L01
Bioinorganic Chemistry Chapter, Lippard and Berg

» PattersonBio_L01

» Bruland_ZnLO1988_L02.pdf
Zinc Speciation by Ken Bruland Limnology and Oceanography 1988

» BuckBruland2008_LO2
Iron Speciation L&O paper by Kristen Buck and Ken Bruland

» RueBruland_FeL_L02
Edie Rue and Ken Bruland's 1995 Iron speciation paper

» Omanovic ProMCC Marine Chemistry 2015_L03
Description of the ProMCC software for determination of thermodynamic constants of unknown ligands.

» Dawkins_SelfishGene_L03
Richard Dawkins, Selfish Gene, Chapter 11

» DawkinsBlackmore_Forward_L03
Richard Dawkins forward of Susan Blackmore's book on Memes

The North Atlantic Zonal FeL manuscript by Kristen Buck.

» NYer_article_L03

» SundaHuntman_2000_LO4

» SaitoRittGoepfert_2008_LO4
The concept of colimitation

» ShakedKustkaMorel_L04
Iron acquisition in Diatoms

» Droop Biography_L04

» Droop_1974_L04
For background

» Droop_1983_L04
For Background

» Droop_ThoughtsonGrowth_1973_L04
For Background

» SundaHuntsman_Zn1992_L04

» Sunda_Fe_Nature1997_L04
Sunda and Huntsman - Iron and light

» Maldonado_FeLight_DSR1999_L04
For Background

» Martin_Biography_L06
Biography of the late John Martin

» Johnson_Fe_MarChem_L06
Johnson Iron Marine Chemistry Review

» Tagliabue_IronReview_2017_L06

» JohnsonMn_GCA1996_L06
Mn model

» Weber_Fe_BATS_L05
Weber Volker, Fe at BATS Biogeosciences

» Sunda_Frontiers2012_L10
Sunda Frontiers in Microbiology Review 2012

» Janssen_Cullen_John_2014_L10
Cd sinks

» Cullen_CdKink_LO2006_L10
Cullen iron limitation and the Cadmium Kink

» Wyatt_Lohan_GBC_2014_L10
Wyatt_Lohan_GBC_2014_L06 Zn UK Geotraces Section

» Saito_Co_RossSea_BG2010_L10
Background reading

» 2018_Saito_Acceleration_cobalt_BG_L10


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