Readings Part II

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» Boyd_IronFertSyn_Science
Read for discussion/background

» Pacala_Wedges_Science2004
For Discussion

» ChisholmFalkowskiCullen_Science2001
For Discussion

» JohnsonKarl_Science2001
For discussion

» Martinez_Sigman_Science2014_L08
For Background

» Buessler et al., Iron Fertilization 2008
For Discussion

» Boyd_NGeosciences_2008
For Discussion

» Blaine_NaturalIronKerguelen_Nature_L08
For Background

» Al Gore and Mt Pinetubo
Al Gore and Mt Pinetubo - For Discussion

» Murray_Fe_Pleistocene_NGeo_2012
For Background

» Smetacek_EiFex
Southern Ocean iron fertilization study with export data

» Ohnemus_Lam_NAZT_DSR_2015_L08
Particles from NAZT, background reading

» SherrellBoyle_Particules_L08
SherrellBoyle Suspended Particules - Background

» Froelich_GCA_1979_L08
Redox diagenesis in sediments, background reading.

» Nealson_1997_L08
Sediment Microbiology and Redox Background Reading


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