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How can I get a job in oceanography, especially at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution?

Oceanographers are individuals highly trained in one of the basic scientific disciplines: biology, physics, geology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or a combination of these fields. It is inevitable that an oceanographer will become deeply involved with all sciences. Preparation for a career in oceanography should begin as early as possible with a concentration in one scientific discipline. In high school, you should plan your studies around college-preparatory courses including math, English, science, and foreign languages. In college, you should choose a basic field of science in which to earn your first academic degree. In graduate school, you may adapt your studies to the marine environment. Intensive training in basic science is necessary so that you may apply this knowledge and skill to the study of the oceans.

For information about preparing for a career in oceanography, contact a guidance counselor at your high school, a counselor at the career center at your college or university, or gather more information from the following sites: For information about employment at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, see the current opportunities list from the WHOI Human Resources Office.

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Last updated June 22, 2004

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