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What's behind beach closures?

Have you ever noticed that a beach in your community is closed? Have you or someone you know ever gotten sick just days after a trip to the beach? From contamination sources and water testing to what makes you sick and how you can protect yourself, WHOI has created this interactive website designed to help you learn more about beach closures.

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Why the Coastal Ocean Institute at WHOI?

Although the oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, the 7% that makes up the coastal ocean most influences, and is most influenced by, human activity. This narrow strip of ocean—from the outer edge of the continental shelf to the farthest reach of salt water up rivers and streams—is increasingly important as more people choose to live near the shore and draw resources from the ocean. Our beaches are showing ever more signs of human impact as a result.

The Coastal Ocean Institute responds to scientific and societal phenomena like these by supporting innovative experiments and field expeditions, and by making it a priority to communicate our scientific research and results to the public.


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