Science Highlights
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The next generation fish finder
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

In 1996, Congress passed the Sustainable Fisheries Act, calling for direct action to stop or reverse the continued loss of habitats that fish need to spawn, breed, feed, or grow to maturity.
algaeBoom times for algae and science

The historic 2005 “red tide” of the harmful algae Alexandrium fundyense was the most widespread and intense in New England since 1972.
climateClimate clues buried on the coast
Geology and Geophysics

The dunes along the Baltic Sea coast are telling a story. It’s a tale of shifting winds, moving shorelines, and buried fishing villages.
snowballSnowball Earth or Slushball Earth?
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

In the 1990s, an enigmatic series of rock formations, found all over the world, led scientists to the provocative and controversial Snowball Earth theory: Between 2.2 billion and 635 million years ago, Earth’s climate swung violently between freeze and fry modes.
arcticThe ultimate Arctic machine
Physical Oceanography

Arctic research is tough enough above the ice. Now WHOI scientists have figured out a way to learn what’s under it.

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