Human Resources

Third Mate

Position:              THIRD MATE                               
Date: 02/2013
Position Code: 8027
EEO Code: 203

Major Duties

Is responsible, under supervision of Chief Mate, for the condition and repair of lifeboats, life rafts, life rings, life jackets, and other lifesaving equipment, all fire fighting and other safety or emergency equipment not delegated to other departments. May prepare reports and submit requisitions to the Chief Mate for approval.

Advises crew as to their stations and duties during emergency drills; if assigned to command a lifeboat or life raft, musters the crew, instructing them in their duties, and in proper handling applicable gear.

Normally stands 8-12 bridge watch; posts qualified and alert lookouts during watch at sea to ensure a properly maintained and efficient watch; checks to see that quartermaster steers correct course, and that lookouts carry out all orders; maneuvers ship, under master's general supervision, to carry out scientific operations.

Performs other duties as required.

Desired Education/Experience for Hiring

Bachelor's degree from an accredited sea service academy with one year sea duty as a deck officer; in the absence of a formal degree, equivalent work experience. Candidates must possess computer literacy in the use of word-processing, inventory management and electronic mail programs. Prefer Third Mate experience on a similar research vessel.

Candidates must have a high level of training as evidenced by a U.S. Coast Guard license, preferably Third Mate Unlimited, Ocean. Minimum licensing for R/V Knorr and R/V Atlantis is Third Mate Unlimited, Ocean. Required for all WHOI Ships are a valid Radar Observer Certificate, Unlimited, and an FCC license as GMDSS Operator. In addition to the above, all licensed officers must have all applicable training as required by the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 95) and possess a valid U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Document.

Candidates must have good personnel management skills and an understanding of the ship's emergency equipment and drill procedures, and an appreciation of the scientific mission of the vessel.

Job Summary

Reporting to the Master, is a watch officer in the Deck Department and assists the Master and senior deck officers; designated the ship's safety officer, maintains lifesaving, firefighting and other emergency equipment and assists in training the crew in emergency drill procedures.


Last updated: March 6, 2013