Human Resources

Penzance Award


An award given to a group "for sustained exceptional performance, for outstanding representation of the WHOI spirit, and for major contributions to the personal and professional lives of our staff."
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Nominations for the Penzance Award, complete with justifications, should be submitted to the Human Resoure Office. The awards committee will then meet to review the nominations and to make their recommendations to the President in time for the formal presentations at the Employee Recognition Celebration.
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Award Committee

The committee is made up of the past year's Ryan Schrawder Awardee, a representative of the past year's Penzance Award, the past year's Vetlesen Awardee, a member of the Staff Committee, a member of the GMPC, a long-time Facilities employee, a long-time Marine/Ship Ops employee, a representative from the Directorate, and a member of the Recreation Committee.

Last updated: April 11, 2018