Human Resources

Extended Leave of Absence

General Guidelines

Guidelines for all types of extended leaves and a chart displaying approval levels, procedures, renewals, and re-employment rights.


Information & guidelines for taking a disability leave of absence.


Leaves of absence may be granted to employees who wish to continue formal education in fields related to their work at the Institution.

Family & Medical

Family and medical leaves are employee leaves of absence for child care, personal medical care and family medical care.


Information for employees required to participate in active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty training as a member of a reserve or National Guard organization of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Parental Leave

The Institution created a three week Paid Parental Leave benefit effective January 2016 for eligible employees.


When personal reasons necessitate an employee's being absent, and the needs of the Institution will not be adversely affected, an unpaid leave of absence may be considered.


Employees may request to use their accrued vacation in conjunction with an impending retirement.

Temporary Assignments Elsewhere

Leaves of absence may be granted to scientific and technical staff members to accept temporary assignments elsewhere that are of a nature as to be in the Institution's best interest, and provided that the employee plans to return on a full-time basis after completion of the assignment.