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Morss Colloquium Call For Proposals


A generous gift by Elisabeth W.  and Henry A.  Morss, Jr.  has allowed the Institution to establish a fund to support public colloquia on issues of global importance that are connected to human society and involve some aspect of science.  Topics relevant to the ocean sciences are particularly encouraged, although this is not a requirement for funding.

Except in unusual cases, Morss Colloquia will involve bringing one or more visitors from outside the Institution to lecture, conduct formal or informal seminars and discussions, and talk with Institution staff and students.  Each colloquium is expected to include a public lecture and the preparation of an article for Oceanus or similar public outlet.  The fund is not intended simply to support guest lecturers: a substantial interaction with the Institution community is expected and relevance to problems of important societal impact is required.  Colloquia are also expected to go beyond routine scientific meetings, to expose the Institution's staff and public community to new issues and new perspectives that cross disciplinary boundaries between the sciences and social sciences.

Examples of colloquia appropriate for funding include extended visits by a single individual, and shorter visits (1-3 days) by several individuals to participate - possibly with Institution staff - in a forum or other type of public meeting.


Proposals (3 pages maximum) for Morss Colloquia that would use the funds generated annually from the Morss endowment are requested from the Scientific and Technical Staff.  Proposals can be submitted at any time, but will be reviewed in the first quarter of each year, and funding decisions made by May 1st of each year.

Annual funding for the Morss Colloquia is approximately $65,000.  It is envisioned that one proposal will be awarded each year.  Proposal budgets may include reasonable honoraria and travel/living expenses for visitors, meeting expenses, and salary support for organizers and their assistants.  Each proposal must identify the organizers of the proposed colloquium.  Proposals should clearly state the importance of the colloquium topic, credentials of the proposed visitors, and tentative logistics of the planned meetings.  The PIs will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the Colloquium.

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee comprising the four Ocean Institute Directors, the Director of the Marine Policy Center, a member of the Senior Technical Staff, and a Trustee. The Chief Development Officer will also serve ex officio.

If you have any questions regarding ideas for proposals please contact any of the Institute Directors or MPC Director.


Annual funding for the Morss Colloquia will be approximately $65,000, and awarded by May 1st of each year.

Please note that the integrity of the Morss fund must not be compromised.  This award is not just one more source of funds for projects or research having funding provided from several diverse sources.  Other funds may be welcomed but the final product should meet Morss grant criteria and be readily recognizable as an annual Morss Colloquia.

Proposals are accepted at any time.

Awards made by May 1 annually.

Proposals should be submitted in pdf format to:

Andrew Daly at:

Endowed Funds are provided by: Elisabeth and Henry Morss, Jr.  Colloquia Fund.