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The Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Program holds its annual summer workshop at WHOI, with all talks organized by year on their YouTube channel and more info on each year—speakers, titles, etc.—on the OCB website.


Lidar measurement of Nearshore waves, setup, swash and dune erosion

In a 2019 lecture at the University of New Hampshire, Britt Raubenheimer described how she measures the forces that shape our coastlines.

Hydrothermal Vents

Life without Sunlight

Robert Ballard, Mary Voytek, Frieder Klein, Christopher Glein, and Chris German discuss the discovery of life at hydrothermal vents and how our knowledge of the ocean is supporting the search for life beyond Earth.


David Gallo: Underwater astonishments

In one of the most-watched TED talks, WHOI oceanographer David Gallo shows jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a color-shifting cuttlefish, a perfectly camouflaged octopus, and a Times Square's worth of neon light displays from fish who live in the blackest depths of the ocean. This short talk celebrates the pioneering work of ocean explorers like Edith Widder and Roger Hanlon.

David Gallo: Life in the deep oceans

With vibrant video clips captured by submarines, David Gallo takes you to some of Earth's darkest, most violent, toxic and beautiful habitats, the valleys and volcanic ridges of the oceans' depths, where life is bizarre, resilient and shockingly abundant.

David Gallo: Looking deep into the ocean

Oceanographer David Gallo shares the wonders of deep-sea exploration and our quest to understand the blanket of water that covers 70 percent percent of Earth's surface, which is full of stunning life and yet undiscovered marvels at its depths.


Tom Farrar

WHOI oceanographer Tom Farrar appeared on NASA TV to describe how he’s going to study the connection between the movement of water in the surface ocean and what it can tell us.

Tom Farrar

Tom Farrar presents a NASA webinar about ocean salinity and what it can tell us about an important part of our planet.

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Ocean Twilight Zone

Heidi Sosik

In this TED talk,WHOI biologist Heidi Sosik why she wants to explore the vast, mysterious, virtually unexplored realm hundreds of meters below the ocean's surface known as the twilight zone.

Helena McMonagle

Former WHOI research assistant and current guest student Helena McMonagle gave a lecture at Falmouth High School about the Ocean Twilight Zone, it's ecosystem services, how we study it, and why it's so important.


Joe Pedlosky

WHOI Physical oceanographer Joe Pedlosky presented an overview of the life and works of his advisor, Jule Charney at a two-day centenary celebration of Charney and Ed Lorenz.


Microplastics in the ocean: Emergency or Exaggeration?

WHOI’s 2019 Morss Colloquium brought together an international panel of experts to address the question of just how big a problem microplastics in the ocean is.

Underwater Vehicles

Dudley Foster

WHOI engineer Dudley Foster’s career spanned the several crucial decades of Alvin's remarkable development, included more than 500 Alvin dives, and enabled many new discoveries in marine science.