The MIT-WHOI Joint Program draws from the resources of two preeminent institutions to form one of the largest oceanographic faculties in the world. Experts in their fields instruct students using personal research and field studies to support graduate education in ocean sciences and oceanographic engineering. Research interests encompass a wide range of theoretical, observational, and experimental approaches to understanding the ocean. Faculty specialties in the Applied Ocean Science and Engineering programs include coastal ocean fluid dynamics, ocean acoustics, underwater vehicle design, signal processing, and ocean instrumentation.

Faculty Name Expertise
Alan D. Chave Electromagnetic Measurement Methods
Timothy F. Duda Ocean Mixing and Acoustics
Steve Elgar Coastal and Nearshore Dynamics
Kenneth G. Foote Acoustic Scattering
Wayne R. Geyer Estuarine and Coastal Hydrodynamics
Andone Lavery Acoustic Scattering
James R. Ledwell Ocean Mixing and Circulation
Ying-Tsong Lin Underwater Sound Propagation and Localization
James F. Lynch Acoustics and Acoustic Tomography
Dennis J. McGillicuddy Jr. Upper Ocean Processes
James C. Preisig Acoustic Propagation and Communications
David Ralston Fluid Mechanics and Scalar Transport
Britt Raubenheimer Coastal and Surfzone Dynamics
Hanumant Singh Acoustic and Optical Imaging
Timothy K. Stanton Acoustic Scattering
Eugene A. Terray Upper Ocean Processes
Peter A. Traykovski Sediment Transport and Instrumentation
John H. Trowbridge Shelf and Nearshore Processes
Dana R. Yoerger Robotics and AUV Design