Jason Data Specifics

One member of the Jason at-sea operations group is the Non-watch
Data Processor. This person collects, post-processes and archives data from the navigation, science and vehicle sensors,
the digital still camera and sonar if carried.

The science party must provide two people per watch to perform data logging tasks in the Control Van. One sets up and
monitors the recording of video streams to DVD, then labels and inventories completed recordings. The other generates an
electronic record of dive sampling events, operational events, and scientific observations via the Eventlogger.
Science party personnel control the pan-and-tilt science video camera and the digital still camera, the products of which
are naturally included in the standard data product.

Standard data deliverables of a Jason cruise are:

  1. Logs from the raw data pipeline and from the DVLNav program collection of Jason,
    Medea and ship sensors

  2. Navigation:
    raw LBL (when used), DVL and post-processed LBL+DVL, a
    least-squares-difference merge of selected long baseline ranges with
    Doppler velocity log displacements

    Navigation filetypes produced by first-order processing
    File root name Filetype Description Example
    {ID}_renav_navtrackLL *.dbf, *.shx, *.shp Lat/Long Arcview shapefile .dbf, .shx, .shp
    {ID}_renav_navtrackXY *.dbf, *.shx, *.shp Local XY Arcview shapefile .dbf, .shx, .shp
    {ID)_1Hz_renav *.txt 1Hz comma-delimited text file .txt
    {ID)_1Hz_renav_nav .*mat 1Hz mat file .mat
    {ID#} *.jpg JPEG image of real time and renav navigational tracks example .jpg
    csv_raw *.mat Navigation file (matlab format) for use with Imagenex 881 sonar processing software .mat
    csv_raw_origin *.mat Navigation metadata (matlab format) for use with Imagenex 881 sonar processing software .mat
    nav_t.mat *.mat Navigation file (matlab format) for use with SM2000 sonar processing software .mat
    lbl_renav *.mat Renav LBL avigation file (matlab format) .mat
    {date_time_stamp}_renav_vvan_v1 *.txt Renav data for ingestion into Virtual Van .txt
  3. SM2000 bathymetric sonar, if carried:

    Deliverables include native format files as well as maps made using unprocessed sonar and navigation data (unsuitable as a
    research-paper quality product)

    • Raw (.smb format)
    • XYZ dot cloud (ASCII, lat-lon-depth, localX, localY, depth)
    • Bathymetry grid on a 1 meter resolution (netCDF .grd, lat-lon-depth, localX, localY, depth)
  4. Virtual Van and Event Logger:
    The Virtual Van coregisters framegrabs of four video cameras from Jason
    and Medea periodically (0.5 – 2 minutes) with ship and vehicle data, an
    instance of which is called an autosnap. The Eventlogger is used to tag asynchronous autosnaps with science comments as they’re entered. Data
    collected by the Virtual Van/Eventlogger are placed on the Internet post-cruise, with password access for principal
    investigators during the moratorium period.

  5. “Working” copies of DVDs: three Jason video cameras (PilotCam, BrowCam,
    ScienceCam), overlayed with science’s selection of real-time fields

  6. Magnetometer data, if the sensor is calibrated by prior arrangement with the Jason Expedition Leader

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