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Data from the observatory are downloaded from the shore lab every twenty minutes: 5, 25 & 45 minutes after the hour. They are processed to provide burst averaged statistics, with the most current data presented on the MVCO home page. Summary files of the meteorological and oceanographic data are provided in the MetDat_s and OcnDat_s files, respectively. Historical burst averaged data can be retrieved via a web interface (JGOFS format) or anonymous ftp (

The time (Yday) is GMT (UTM) at the start of the burst, where 1.5 represents noon on January 1.

The locations of the 12m node, Shore Lab, Met Mast and the air-sea interaction tower (ASIT) can be found here.

Anonymous ftp access provides ascii flat files including year-to-date data in files named YYYY_InstID.CNN (eg., 2002_Campmt.C03) or data from each day as YYYYyday_InstID.CNN (eg., 2002122_Campmt.C03). The user must navigate to the desired Instrument_ID (eg., Campmt_s) and the desired year (eg., 2000). Text files (.txt) and header files (.hdr) define the contents of these data files. The year-to-date files can be read using one of the example Matlab m-files.

The web-interface provides methods to subset the data. Retrieved ascii data will contain a header at the top. The web-interface also provides interactive graphics (Simple X-Y plotting).

User contributed data provide auxiliary data sets for public use. These sets are collected as part of funded science projects. Some include core data sets processed using specialized software for a particular science project.

The data available here are intended solely for scholarly use by the academic and scientific community, with the express understanding that any such use will properly acknowledge the originating investigator. Anyone wishing to use MVCO data in a presentation, report, thesis or publication should contact the originating investigator. It is expected that all customary courtesies and privileges attached to data use will be strictly honored. Use or reproduction of any material herein for any commercial purpose is prohibited without prior written permission from the MVCO Data Management Office. The complete copyright information is available here.

Last updated: January 7, 2015

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