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Industry Members

Corporate membership of the Center for Marine Robotics (CMR) provides a privileged and sustained access to research and development in marine robotics conducted at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Center’s academic partner institutions.

Member benefits include:

  • Establish a portfolio of sponsored research projects or define an engineering research program tailored to your company’s needs, with negotiated IP rights.
  • Support graduate students or postdoctoral investigators who will participate in your company’s sponsored research projects.
  • Place a company researcher in a CMR lab, with the prior approval of the participating CMR principal investigator.
  • Participate on a committee that selects and reviews the progress of innovative research projects proposed by CMR investigators and funded through a CMR members’ pool of funds.
  • Receive research progress reports and pre-prints.
  • Attend robotics seminars, courses and in-water demonstration of CMR technologies, and an annual research conference on the future of marine robotics.
  • Participate in an industry advisory committee meeting to provide recommendations on overall CMR direction and strategy.
  • Recruit robotic engineers and ocean scientists from the WHOI-MIT Joint Program.

Private Philanthropy

Private philanthropy is playing a large role in the creation of the Center for Marine Robotics, providing support for planning, hiring a director, defining the Center’s scope, and identifying priorities for the future. Further investment promises to speed the pace of innovation and enhance WHOI’s margin of excellence.

Several funding opportunities are available:
  » Center for Marine Robotics general support
  » CMR Fellowship support
  » Gifts to an accelerator fund to seed new projects
  » Funding of specific flagship projects

Each of these donor opportunities fund projects with promising scientific, education, industrial and military applications.  Support the center today »

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Information about corporate membership
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Last updated: August 25, 2016