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Contact information
Clark 213A
Mailstop 29
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543
1 508 289 2801

Ph.D., Physical Oceanography, MIT/WHOI Joint Program, 2004.
B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA, 1997.

Research Interests
  • Physical oceanography and climate dynamics.
  • Estimating past ocean circulation and its role in paleoclimate, using physical models and biogeochemical records.
  • Large-scale coupled atmosphere-ocean dynamics, with focus on ENSO.
  • Analysis of climate variability through state estimation, especially the synthesis of general circulation models and observations

MIT/WHOI Joint Program course 12.808, "Introduction to Observational Physical Oceanography"
Advanced Climate Dynamics Course (ACDC) summer school series

Joey Wenig, Tsung-Lin Hsieh, Isabela Le Bras


Gebbie, G., "How much did Glacial North Atlantic Water shoal?" "How much did Glacial North Atlantic Water shoal?" Paleoceanography, in press. Also see auxiliary material.

Thornalley, D. J. R, H. Bauch, G. Gebbie, S. Barker, and L. Skinner: “A poorly ventilated deep Arctic Mediterranean during the last glacial,” submitted.

Gibbons, F., D. W. Oppo, M. Mohtadi, G. Gebbie, Y. Rosenthal, and B. Linsley: "Southern Hemisphere Influence on the Indonesian Throughflow," in revision.

Westerteiger, R., G. Streletz, O. Kreylos, G. Gebbie, H. J. Spero, L. H. Kellogg, A. Gerndt, B. Hamann, and H. Hagen, 2013: “Exploration of time-dependent paleoceanographic flow data in virtual reality,” in revision.

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Last updated: January 24, 2014

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