MV Alucia & MV Umbra

Science Operations

General Ship Descriptions

M/V Alucia

M/V Alucia was built specifically as a heavy lift ship and launch/recovery platform for diving and submersible operations. She's undergone an extensive refit and now boasts a stunning luxury interior, a large helo-deck to support various helicopter operations, as well as the latest in technical diving equipment including a new diving locker, two Zodiac inflatables and two rigid hull inflatables (RHIBs). She is ready to dive with two submarines, the Triton 3300/3 and the Deep Rover 2, both rated for a maximum depth of 1000 meters.

M/V Umbra

M/V Umbra was built as a fast support vessel.  She has undergone an extensive re-fit including installation of a helicopter pad and boasts a luxurious interior.  She is presently configured to support diving, media and helicopter operations and has the modular capability to be fitted with a small side A-frame and an oceanographic winch.

Last updated: June 16, 2015