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OceanSITES Current Global Time-series

More than 60 OceanSITES time-series stations are now operating. The links below take you to global maps showing where these stations are, and to what degree the data are shared.

See the links at left (grouped by ocean), for a list of individual sites, their locations, and project PIs and websites. Also on those pages: links to detailed descriptions of each station (Word documents), and an Excel spreadsheet summarizing all OceanSITES locations in the global network.

(Below, OceanSITES stations on standard JCOMM Cartesian Geographic Coordinate Map with additional layer of land detail.)

View & Download Maps of Global Network:

With standard map background

With satellite image as map background

Get Information in bulk:

For more information, and link to most recent Google Earth file for OceanSITES visit JCOMM OPS.

For Google Earth File: http://www.jcommops.org/FTPRoot/OceanSITES/status/oceansites_locations.kmz



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