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Tools & Technology

Arctic Winch

The Arctic Winch is a small buoyant float (white) attached to the mooring’s red top-float. It carries instruments to measure…

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New Robot Sub Surveys the Deep off the Pacific Northwest

Scientists and engineers from WHOI and the University of Washington have successfully completed the first scientific mission with Sentry, a newly developed robot capable of diving as deep as 5,000 meters into the ocean. The vehicle surveyed and helped pinpoint several proposed deep-water sites for seafloor instruments that will be deployed in the Ocean Observatories Initiative.

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Researchers Give New Hybrid Vehicle Its First Test-Drive in the Ocean

Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Webb Research Corporation (Falmouth, Mass.) have successfully flown the first environmentally powered robotic vehicle through the ocean. The new robotic ?glider? harvests heat energy from the ocean to propel itself across thousands of kilometers of water.

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