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Tools & Technology

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deep Ocean: AUV Orpheus

Introducing AUV Orpheus the next evolution of underwater technology to unlock the mysteries of the ocean and the hadal zone. Orpheus is a new class of autonomous underwater vehicle. It is capable of reaching any part of the ocean and of operating without human intervention during complex missions.

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Measuring the great migration

A bioacoustic mooring will use sound to help estimate life migrating in the ocean’s twilight zone as part of a new long-term observation network in the Atlantic

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Buoy Lunch: CubeSat SEASALT

Paul Fucile, WHOI Sponsored by: Physical Oceanography Department This will be held virtually. Information will be posted when available.

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‘Rolls-Royce’ of shark cameras can extend to turtles, whales, seals and squid for ocean’s big picture

Boston Herald

A high-tech SharkCam invented by a Cape Cod researcher offers an unprecedented window into the lives of the ocean’s toothy predators, and can also extend to seals, whales, turtles and squid for a big-picture view of precious ecosystems and how to protect them. “These vehicles, these underwater robots that look like highly complex systems are just an extension of yourself to be able go where people can’t go, and there’s no limitation to what they can do,” said Amy Kukulya, research engineer and principal investigator at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Extreme Measures

Crew aboard the D/V Chikyu prepare for seafloor drilling

Extreme Measures Superpowered Technologies Expand Our Reach to the World’s Most Challenging Environments By Elise Hugus Crew aboard the D/V…

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New Ocean Buoy Monitors Whales Off MD.’s Atlantic Coast

Chesapeake Bay Magazine

The buoy is equipped with a hydrophone to record marine mammal calls, and thanks to an algorithm, researchers will be able to determine whether they belong to a humpback, fin, sei, or a critically-endangered North Atlantic Right whale.