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Polar Research

Lakes of Meltwater Can Crack Greenland’s Ice and Contribute to Faster Ice Sheet Flow

Researchers from WHOI and the University of Washington have for the first time documented the sudden and complete drainage of a lake of meltwater from the top of the Greenland ice sheet to its base. From those observations, scientists have uncovered a plumbing system for the ice sheet, where meltwater can penetrate thick, cold ice and accelerate some of the large-scale summer movements of the ice sheet.

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Sea ice through the years

Watch how the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice extent has declined since 1979. By Kate Madin :: Originally published online January…

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Ice Capades

(Video by Tim Silva, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) By Lonny Lippsett, Tim Silva :: Originally published online October 25, 2007

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Layers in the Arctic Ocean

(Animation by Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) By Robert Pickart :: Originally published online January 31, 2007

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