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Sharks & Other Fish

Basking sharks filmed by an AUV for the first time

Three things you may not know about basking sharks:
1.     The basking shark is the 2nd largest fish in the ocean.
2.     While it’s gaping mouth can fit a human, it filter feeds on tiny plankton.
3.     WHOI’s SharkCam captured the first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) footage of basking sharks.
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SharkCam Lost and Found

At the end of their December 2015 expedition to the shark-filled waters off Guadalupe Island, the SharkCam team lost contact…

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Inside SharkCam

Learn how REMUS SharkCam is able to take you into the world of the great white shark to give you…

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5 Questions about Sharks

WHOI biologist and senior scientist Simon Thorrold discusses sharks and why they are important to a healthy ocean. Originally published…

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