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Marine Mammals

A win for lobstermen and right whales

A study from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found a win for New England’s historic lobster fishery and for endangered right whales. Researchers Hannah Myers and Michael Moore show that even with less gear and a shorter season, fishers in Canada, Maine and Massachusetts caught about the same number of lobsters with much less effort. A change in regulations could protect whales and make the lobster fishery more profitable in the long term.

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Dolphin Assist

For scientists studying marine mammals in the wild, data-logging tags are invaluable tools that allow them to observe animals’ movements…

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Carousel Feeding

Orcas coordinate their movements, and possibly communicate, as they herd schools of herring into tight masses and then slap their…

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North Atlantic Right Whale

Dr. Michael Moore talks about the North Atlantic Right Whale and what the future may hold for this endangered charismatic…

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