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Climate Change

More Than 11,000 International Scientists Declare Climate Emergency


A new paper endorsed by 11,258 scientists and researchers from 153 countries describes climate change as a “climate emergency.” Published in the journal BioScience, it warns of “untold human suffering” if individuals, governments, and businesses don’t make deep and lasting changes.

Impacts of climate change on the ocean

Living Lab Radio, WCAI

Rick Murray of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sees the impacts of climate change on the ocean and the ability of ocean-based activities to mitigate climate change as two sides of the same coin, and says both are critical to responding to climate change. (segment begins at 27:10)

Coral reefs in hot water – study

Cebu Daily News

pick up of Agence France-Presse (AFP) article
also ran in other news outlets: France 24, New Straits Times, and Japan Times