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What we do.....

We answer innovative biological questions with novel technology.  We developed the OceanCubes cabled observatory program as a mechanism to provide affordable, long-term, sustained and high frequency observations in coastal and fresh waters. My group has deployed OceanCubes observatories off Motobu Point, Okinawa, Japan, Oshima Island, Japan, and on the Pacific coast of the Panamanian Isthmus (

Large scale benthic imaging in stereo is providing an important view of multi-scale processes from mm to 1000s of km. Habitat suitability modeling allows us to view and quantify how organisms are distributed in reference to their physical and geochemical environment. The goal is to combine information acquired at these scales into a synoptic, dynamic picture of the coastal ecosystem and the organisms that it supports.

Last updated: December 17, 2015