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photo of Amy Bower

Dr. Amy Bower at sea.

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Contact Information
Dr. Amy Bower
Physical Oceanography Department
MS #21, Clark 325A, Woods Hole, MA  02534
508.289.2781 office | 508.457.2181 fax

Research Overview
Observation and analysis of large- and meso-scale ocean circulation; structure and dynamics of western boundary currents; inter-gyre exchange processes; structure and dynamics of isolated vortices and their role in the distribution of water properties; marginal sea circulation and overflows; pathways and fluxes of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation; Lagrangian methods.

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Future Reflections
"Testing the Current"
From the Editor: A few years ago I read a book called Seven Tenths: Love, Piracy and Science at Sea, by David Fisichella (Leapfrog Press, 2010). The author recounted his adventures on shipboard expeditions with his wife, Amy Bower, a blind oceanographer. Recently I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Amy herself for Future Reflections.

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