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Wildlife - Sitting Bear

This is one of two very photogenic bears that we encountered on September 15th. The Captain was looking for a bit of ice to drive into, since it would provide us with absolutely calm seas so we could move heavy mooring equipment out of the hold. What a stroke of luck it was to pick this particular ice mass.

When we first arrived, we noticed two very fat bears slip into the water off of one of the floes. The bears had been feeding on a freshly killed young walrus (or perhaps bearded seal - it was hard to tell since the head was missing...) Not about to adandon the meal, the bears circled the ship warily for several hours. It's possible that these animals had never seen (or smelled) humans before - imagine what could have been going through this bear's head.

This image particularly appeals to me because of the bear's innocuous pose and intent stare. The delicate backlighting, causing the bear to stand out from the background, made the image even more unique.

Technical information:
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 with 1.4X teleconverter
Film: Compactflash

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