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Expedition Digital Image Archive - Week 2
Day 8 - July 22, 2002
Aloft Conn Aloft ladder View from Aloft ice breaking
Avalache Beacon bow crack ice crack taking notes
Day 9 - July 23, 2002
panoramic view of walruses Bob and Tom discuss the data dirty ice walruses on ice
swimming herd of walruses dirty ice alpha male porthole
Day 10 - July 24, 2002
Barrow Canyon Firehose Dan Torres surveys the ice pack ship’s propellers temporarily clear the ice
Polar Star's wake “Halo of 22°” Jim Johnson flies to Barrow, Alaska flagpole
Day 11- July 25, 2002
sun bow shadow Kittiwakes diving Kittiwakes flying
Dan checking the LADCP John inspects Argos positioning beacon mooring anchor snowflakes
Day 12 - July 26, 2002
Plan B cups before cups after cups before and after
release test sun on the ice john sending a signal depth profile
Day 13 - July 27, 2002
defending the CTS from drifting ice CTD breaking the mirror-like water Tom Weingartner choosing depths where water samples will be collected deploying the CTD
Sarah gets the CTD software running Tom Weingartner fills a nutrient sample bottle with deep Beaufort slope water Neatly tied lines hang from the ship steel gray Arctic waters
Day 14 - July 28, 2002
blue sky preparing the moored profiler attaching the moored profiler final buoy
moored profiler buoy dense fog ice resembles the surface of the moon

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