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Expedition Digital Image Archive - Week 1
Day 1 - July 15, 2002
Wrangell Mountains Dutch Harbor Dutch Harbor cannery
hiking Ballyhoo run John Kemp and his halibut Chris and Sarah in the helo
Day 2 - July 16, 2002
gray skies narrow passageways HH65 Dolphin Helicopter Polar Starbucks
setting up setting up setting up Tom Weingartner with crew
Day 3 - July 17, 2002
helo brief cctv helo ready helo launch
Sarah and Bob Dan and CTD Kevin and CTD CTD over the side
Day 4 - July 18, 2002
Lee and CTD CTD recovery nutrient analyzer current meters
acoustic release clear day calm seas scienceteam
Day 5 - July 19, 2002
Dan getting a hair cut Sarah prepping mooring mooring and adcp buoy
mooring divers divers preparing to jump divers splash
Day 6 - July 20, 2002
aqua ice ice crack bergy bits ice
watching the ice break CTD in ice burning burgers divers splash
Day 7 - July 21, 2002
CTD watching for ice winch operators Sarah taking in the view
sampling view from the bridge the bridge melt pools

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