William Curry

Ph.D. 1980 Brown University

Emeritus Scientist
Geology and Geophysics Department

WHOI Address:

Clark Laboratory 1st Floor

Mail Stop 23

360 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543


Office: 508-289-2591

Current Position and contact information:


President and CEO

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

17 Biological Station, Ferry Reach

St. George's GE01 Bermuda


Office:  441-297-1880 x 244
Cell:     441-705-1892

Multi-core deployed from the RV KNORR

Multi-core system deployed from the RV KNORR

C. pachydermas

The benthic foraminiferal species C. pachyderma, a fossil used in reconstructions of past climate and ocean circulation

Research Interests:


On October 1, 2012 I began a new position as the President and CEO of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Consequently my research activities are limited. I am still collaborating with colleagues at WHOI on several projects on the geological record of ocean circulation and climate, but I am no longer advising new students and postdocs.

Curry and Lund with the mass spec

With former Ph.D David Lund in the mass spectrometry laboratory