Horst R. Marschall

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Part of my research is concerned with the petrology and geochemistry of (ultra)high-pressure metamorphic rocks as probes into physico-chemical processes operating at convergent plate margins.

My focus is here is on crust–mantle interaction processes in subduction zones. My other interest is in the formation and internal fractionation of the continental crust, including high-temperature metamorphism, partial melting and granite formation. Elemental and isotopic fractionation of lithium and boron and their redistribution during metasomatic processes play some role in these studies.

Diffusion, dating, trace element and isotope studies on accessory minerals, such as rutile, tourmaline, zircon, and apatite are core to these studies.


Research Interests

Metamorphic Petrology, Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry

I am now permanently located at

Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany

as the Wilhelm Heraeus Professor for Deep Earth Processes

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